Mini Challenges

Choose 1 or more of the following to complete during the second week of the challenge, October 8th-14th:

  • Cut out the sugar in your coffee. This included coffee creamer/whitener too!
  • No bread or pasta! These foods tend to wreak havoc on our digestion, immune system, and more. Cut them out for a week and you’ll likely notice how much better you feel! This includes any bread-like foods such as muffins, donuts, etc.
  • Get 30 minutes of extra sleep each day: Sleep is crucial to your health. Make it a priority for 7 days by going to bed earlier, sleeping in a little longer, or taking a quick nap to recover in the afternoon. You may have to plan ahead by prepping your lunch the night before so you can sleep in, or skipping your evening TV time, but it will be worth it!
  • Do 3 strength workouts this week. Use your own body weight, resistance bands, dumbbells, or any other strength equipment – just make sure you challenge your muscles!

Don’t forget! You will continue with the mega challenge you chose in week one, but will add a mini challenge for week 2.