The first Healthy Fleet Challenge of the New Year was announced this week, and it will kick off on Monday, January 6th! Running until February 7th, it promises 33 days of wellness education, tips, challenges, and more.

Individuals from across the industry are invited to join, including drivers, mechanics, office staff, and anyone in between.
The 2019 Healthy Fleet Challenges saw a total of 2303 pounds lost, and some new additions to the challenge have us looking forward to another successful year.

New for 2020 will be a private members-only group, allowing participants to share their journey, ideas, motivation, and results. The challenge will also include an easy to follow template, including rules and a checklist to keep everyone on track.

Andrea Morley, Nutritionist & Program Manager at Healthy Trucker, said the challenge will focus on helping participants feel their best after the holidays, adding, “While the majority of participants will be looking to lose weight, we are welcoming everyone to join no matter what their goals are.”

She continued, “Many of us tend to come out of December in a daze, still feeling the effects of the sugar cookies and candy canes, but the challenge provides the perfect opportunity to move on from those holiday habits and set yourself up for a healthier year.”
The only thing required to participate is an email address, as all content and education will be emailed out weekly, making participation easy for everyone.

Registration is open now! To sign up as a participant, click here or email to find out more about how to get your company involved.